We work online. We wish you all a strong immunity and peace of mind.

We work online. We wish you all a strong immunity and peace of mind.

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Playgrounds of the Spring series
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Playgrounds of the Spring series

Outdoor Games

The time spent outdoors, fun games in the park and the real joy of visiting the children's playground will stay in children's memory forever. We were happy to do it with our parents because they are the most important people to us. Do not forget that children need attention and positive emotions, which require the effort and participation. A fashion iPad or an expensive PlayStation will not be enough for a kid who is just discovering the world. If a child spends too much time with electronic gadgets, he can go to his shell and behave closed off in the kindergarten, school, and then in adulthood. If you want your child to grow up a cheerful, harmonious, healthy kid who will become a successful adult later, always pay attention to the time spent outdoors. We guarantee that you will definitely be satisfied with the result.

Why modern equipment brings so much fun?

There is a plenty of old playgrounds around that contain broken-down swings, sand-boxes without sand and a lot of other ancient equipment. You have a chance to fix it! The game complexes of the Spring series are the secret that will help you to have fun with your child, instead of searching the web and playing games on your gadget. The existing equipment will help you to create a whole new world of fantastic stories and tales. Fresh air, a lot of spent energy, constant movement - and by the end of the day, the child will sleep blissfully, like never before. So you will get a good result: an unforgettable leisure time and a plenty of free time for your business.

What does the complex consist of?

Each presented model in the online catalogue consists of different elements, so you can choose for yourself the most optimal set, required for your needs.

Even if there are no specific demands, the mandatory elements are:

  • Special sports nets for climbing;
  • labyrinths;
  • several slides for different ages;
  • small swings;
  • all kinds of ladders;
  • components for the development of fine motor skills;
  • components that help develop logic.

You can choose on your own the most suitable size and needs complex. Do not forget to estimate the space where it will be installed, because this is a fairly large equipment.

Is it safe and secure?

All products are made at a high level of quality and meet world standards. Own production allowed our engineers to find the best solutions and make them real. Therefore, all the details have been checked for safety and environmental friendliness, since they are intended for our dearest kids, who are we responsible for. Therefore, in compliance with safety standards and basic rules of conduct, your child's life and health will be fine. Feel free to choose for them the way of entertainment, which will give them an unforgettable childhood!