We work online. We wish you all a strong immunity and peace of mind.

We work online. We wish you all a strong immunity and peace of mind.

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Playgrounds of the New series

All we hailed from childhood

Today, there are many ways to spend joyful time with your children. For instance, you can read developing books or watch fascinating cartoons at home. But, for proper growth, the fresh oxygen is essential, which will become an important condition for the functioning of metabolic processes. And if you want to take care of a harmonious future, then take time and be sure to take walks in the fresh air.

The best moments are those spent on the playground

An unforgettable activity for every kid is a journey to the park, swinging, sliding and interacting with others. Children's playgrounds of the New series - are versatile solutions that make the life of the kids brighter, more interesting and full. These products are suitable for installation in any area: in the country, the backyard of a summer house or on your own sports playground. Regardless of a place, the equipment is installed in, you will solve such questions as: "What to do with a child?". After all, even in autumn, if you dress your children in warm clothes you can head to a playground to develop their body and mind.

Why is it useful for a child?

Modern children's playgrounds are not just a slide and a few horizontal bars. It can be an entire castle with numerous pieces of equipment. Depending on which complex will you choose, InterAtletika will offer you the best conditions for the development of your children.

The equipment consists of several platforms, which are interconnected by different structures. It can be bright swings, special climbing nets, ropes, slides of different heights, slopes etc. And there is more: in modern models, there are counters, areas for development of fine motor skills and even solving of logical tasks. We can say that this is not just a place for the development of the physical body, but also for the mental. After all, such platforms gather many children together, discipline and teach them to work in a team: sometimes to cede or vice versa to show their leadership qualities, defending their beliefs and position.

Since the playgrounds are located in the fresh air - this is an essential component for harmonious growth. A sufficient amount of oxygen helps to speed up metabolic processes in the body, strengthen immunity and give the right load to the muscles. This is a perfect contribution to the future of your child and the guarantee that he will grow up and become a successful adult.

Customized or precast sets

Depending on the budget and free space, you can choose the right products from our catalogue. You will find in our store any required goods since the products have different modifications and sizes. If you can not decide on your own, contact our manager and he will answer all the questions. This way, you will be sure of your choice and order proper equipment that will give children the most joyful moments in their life!