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Kid swings are one of the most favourite play structure of any child. Have you heard the merry children's laughter? Probably the sound goes fr om the playground wh ere young fellows are having fun swinging. We usually associate our happiest childhood memories with this activity. A swing is a crucial attribute of children playgrounds. Colourful design, a variety of shapes and convenience make it an extremely popular form of entertainment with the younger generation. Therefore, it is a functional addition to any commercial play area as well as private yard.

Sporting for the good

Swing refers to the type of equipment that carefully keeps the balance between enjoyment and health benefits. How does the swing affect a child’s health condition? The movements reproduced by the children during swinging are accompanied by such positive effects as:

  • Development of the vestibular apparatus, which can have a beneficial effect on the ability of the kid to handle trips by car, public transport or cruises;
  • Strengthening the muscles of the back, arms and legs, which in turn contributes to the development of endurance in general.
  • Physical activity and the formation of a beautiful and even posture, which is very important for modern children, who spend a great deal of time sitting in front of the computer. As well as other aspects regarding physical development of a child.

Swing. This name unites almost all types of structures, the main principle of which is swinging back and forth. Due to the diverse design and material range, it is easy enough for parents to choose models that meet their financial capabilities and preferences.

Regarding the structure of a swing, all children swings can be described as follows. It is usually a floor standing structure on pillars, the seat is attached to. Often it is supplied with seat belts and a bumper. As for the material of manufacture, there are following models:

  • wooden
  • steel

The age of the child

An important factor in choosing a suitable model is the age of a child. Thus parents should pay attention to this feature, considering the safety of a child.

InterAtletika swings have safety certificates issued by the international TUV laboratory and certified according to the EN1176 standards.

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