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Carousel is an essential part of any playground and it is hard to imagine children play area without a one. It is one of the most popular play structures, along with swings and slides. But in comparison with grey and dull playgrounds of the past, now bright and colourful game accessories for kids adore children, parents as well as other residents of the neighbourhood. These years, the number of new beautiful playgrounds is increasing fast. But not only wealthy districts can have such attraction. Reasonable prices make it possible for every parent to bring happiness to his child.

Types of carousels

Most common carousel types are ray and disk. What is important for both types that they should have flowing motion since it is one of the mandatory requirements of safety and durability. Also, the merry-go-round can vary according to a number of users, it can have four, six, eight seats as well as benches instead of individual seats. The maximum number of simultaneous users depends on their age and constitution. And, of course, the carousel may have a different colour scheme and shape of the seats.

Purchasing a carousel you should pay attention to:

  • If the model has certificates of safety, as kids are the main users of roundabouts.
  • Materials. Metal base, wooden seat and decor with the proper surface treatment ensures durability, strength and appearance of carousels.
  • The size. It is better to choose a compact model because the place on the playground is a very valuable resource.

Where to buy carousels?

You will find a number of carousels, merry-go-rounds and roundabouts in our online store. In the catalogue of our online store, you will find several options of carousels. All the models are certified and completely safe for children, the lacquer coating is approved for use in children playgrounds. Thanks to our own production the cost of our game and sports accessories, is highly competitive. Moreover, considering the quality of all goods, Inter Atletika is simply the best choice.