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Park, playground fencing

The fencing of a playground, park or garden carries an important functional role – we can outline certain areas, to avoid the intrusion of passers-by and to protect it. Thus, in the case of a playground, a fence work as a protective barrier, so any kid wouldn't accidentally get to the parking area or a road.

Fence sections

Fence sections are made of metal rods with a thickness of about half of a centimetre. Due to such technology, one section of the fence weighs not too much, about 20 kg, thuswise it greatly facilitates the transportation and installation. A special coating protects the metal from corrosion and allows the fence to look presentable for a long time. Installing a fence, you will not have to take care of it. Due to a special paint which is resistant to weather conditions, the structure doesn't require re-painting for a long period of time. The same paint is used for painting many of the architectural elements so you can easily choose any appropriate colour.


To fence about playground area from the park or the yard from the roadway is the perfect solution. It perfectly fulfils its function by creating a barrier, but not blocking the view, does not spoil the architectural appearance and design of the playground. Fencing does not create a feeling of space limitations. The mounting of the fencing is very simple, it does not take a lot of time or special skills.

Purchase fencing

In our online store, you can find a great selection of fencing for yards, parks, and playgrounds. Each model is provided with detailed pictures to give you a clear idea what the product looks like.

Due to the fact that most products are manufactured in our own factory, we offer equipment at reasonable prices. Thereby our customers have an opportunity to buy affordable high-quality goods.