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SM-T Series

Exercise equipment for outdoor activities

The first and most important thing that is required for such equipment is high wear resistance. Functional models will be used outdoors and therefore high and low temperatures, direct sunlight and weather phenomena such as rain, hail and snow can damage the structure. They should not only withstand the rain but retain the original look, functionality, reliability. If you need equipment for street or park, you need to make sure of its quality. The key factor is that users are different in weight and therefore the equipment should be capable of it. Some exercisers have a maximum value, so they can not be installed outdoors. It's unlikely that anyone in the training process will approach and read what weight they are suitable for. Products from our catalogue are suitable for operation in any conditions, with the required level of load. If you need reliable options that will serve as a guarantee without losing efficiency, then choose the proper ones right now!

All types of load

Since such devices are installed in a complex way, you control the choice based on the result you want to receive. Therefore, you need to install the equipment that will help you to effectively perform the program advised by your coach. If you are a beginner, this help will be very useful, as he will suggest the best options for implementing the plan. Are you already a professional athlete, have enough experience? Feel free to implement an individual plan with the exercises that will help achieve a positive effect in the shortest time possible.

Comfort first

If you install equipment, which will be used by a lot of people, then it is essential to be guided by their requests. If it is an outdoor gym, it must follow all safety standards. Since it is used by a large number of people, it should be effective and versatile. The exercises are easy to use for both teenagers and experienced athletes. Another important advantage is the comfort during training since this equipment corresponds to the biomechanics of the human. This means that training will take into account the work of the most important life support systems and direct the load to areas which require it. With the help of the sports goods, it is possible to train isolated muscle groups qualitatively, to get rid of extra kilograms. It will be in the most comfortable way without overexertion and injury. This is the best solution!